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Updated: April 8, 2010

Road safety is a highly important feature, not only for the motorist as the end user, but for the car manufacturers themselves. The rapid development over the years of car development and an increased need for safe driving as the cars have become bigger, far heavier and faster than in previous years makes the design of every new part vital.

For the last few years, an increase in mainstream car manufacturers using HID bulbs (e.g BMW) has helped with driving at night and in low visibility situations. As for the cars which are on the road but do not have this development, other than having the opportunity of after-market products, it might be tempting to do HID modification, the process known as HID conversion.

There is a caveat though one must be aware of. The HID converted vehicle can be much less safe than with the original headlamps. And the reason is that the original halogen headlumps are not designed for HID bulbs. They do not cut the HID light properly and there is possibility that the oncoming traffic will be blinded by the intense HID light. This may be very dangerous and cause an accident.

One must realize that all the aftermarket HID kits are for off-road use only. You can install it in SUV vehicles and have a lot of fun when driving off-road. TheHID kits are readily available and are incredible in their performance in brightening up the road at night to almost daylight levels, they are a must have for any car which has the older generation type headlamps.

These sophisticated headlamps usually run with xenon bulbs. This creates an arc between two tungsten electrodes which is far more efficient and superbly more powerful than a coil filament type of bulb. They not only last more than twice as long as a regular bulb, some 2,500 hours compared to 1,000 of a halogen bulb, but they also use 65% less energy in their running.

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