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Updated: February 15, 2012

Choosing to purchase crate engine as an alternative to rebuilding an existing motor can be very smart. The cost associated with rebuilding a motor and heads cost a small fortune. Machine work is over a hundred dollars per hour. The machine work needed to complete a complete motor rebuild will cost in the neighborhood of four hundred dollars. You will need to have the heads ground and shaved, also valves will need to be lapped and seated along with valve guide reaming or replacement.

With the cost of small block rebuild kits becoming very expensive and combining the cost of the machinist work needed to perform a full rebuild the project is sometimes just not cost effective. The only time really that the approach of choosing a rebuild is cost effective is if the automobile is a collector’s item or rarity. Collectors’ items often have numbered engine parts that affect their value substantially if replaced with Crate Engines.

Crate Engines offer the advantage of being fully rebuilt in an assembly process that is designed to be very cost effective. The quality and assembly are often done in large quantities by licensed and certified assemblers. All machine work is done and figured into the cost of the completed motor. Crate Engines also can be purchased in long block or short block builds. Wheter it's a Ford crate engine or a Chevy crate engine, you should have a turn-key engine ready to put right into your vehicle. A long block Crate motor consists of the block, heads and intake manifold. Check with your manufacture and always make sure what is included with the long block crate motor. Short block Crate Engines usually do not come with the heads and exhaust intake manifold. This is an option if you plan to replace or rebuild the heads from the donor motor.

Deciding on Crate Engines as an alternative to a full rebuild of the existing motor is also an excellent idea because Crate Engines usually have a one year 12,000 mile warranty or even better. Check the motor vender on what their Crate Engines offer as far as a warranty and guarantee. Most engine suppliers also will offer a discount on parts needed to complete your motor swap utilizing Crate Engines as a solution to your engine replacement project.

Often the Crate Engines can be delivered directly to your location for a fee. It is well worth the delivery fee of having the motor delivered directly to your work site. The time and money by going and picking up Crate Engines is often not cost effective by the time you consider time spent and distance traveled.

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