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The best carbon model with high break, strength and torque relocating potential for the better performance clutch, has been developed by Exedy. With the help of carbon we may jingle for Friction Coefficient for molding the car towards the smoothest drive operations even at terrible situations like Torque Transfer as well as in the hot conditions like Race Circuit, The facility of Carbon which is Hyper in its nature gives an easy attempt to operate the car drive by creating top class inertia with high level of torque capabilities in this model which is known as Honda Civic 2009.

In Honda Civic 2009 hyper carbon holds a great deal of life length which is greater more than 2.3 times of the basic Metal frontlines in addition it has about 1.3 times greater life span than the average carbon clutch facings.

The use of this semi carbon Exedy in Honda Civic 2009, has given the number of advantages to this unique technological automobile, it is light in weigh thus it definitely improves the response of the shift, it possess strong résistance for the heat, there isn’t even a single chance of dissent entanglements of the system which are seem to be caused generally by the disengagement of the discs. It clutches string material against the rate of deformed friction because of the best Friction Coefficients to the Honda Civic 2009’s operations, which has increased the velocity of life period. It provides an easiest maneuver both in the cold position like at the street circuit and the hot one too such as Race Circuit situations.

The cutting edge technology of Honda Civic 2009 also owns variety of exclusive ultra series of Rc, SSc and Sc, these are fitted in a sequence just like the pulleys for recharging the super-charged Vehicle as an alternate, The ultra Rc pulleys have resemblance with a singled belt designs, The Rc crank pulleys do not help to drive the other trimmings of the car’s system ,but they help to accelerate the aerators in other words which are known as the superchargers, It starts driving specially when the superchargers are being equipped. The series of SSc pulleys are available according to different overdrive configuration applications depending upon their arrangement capabilities, these series are supportive to turns the sequence of overdriving upside down.

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